Jiangmen advertising tent:How to maintain the daily use of advertising tents?

2021-11-04 770

  How to maintain the daily use of advertising tents?

  As a mobile implementation tool, advertising tents should often be taken out to show outdoor activities such as exhibition and promotion. It is inevitable that there will be some bumps and damage to all aspects of advertising tents. Then, how should users correctly protect the normal use of advertising tents? Below, the advertising tent manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction to the protection methods:

  Protection of advertising tents:

Jiangmen advertising tent

  1. When any one of the tent supports is deformed or tortuous, the continuous operation shall be stopped immediately. The deformed or tortuous support shall be repaired or replaced before continuous operation, so as to avoid more support damage.

  2. Special attention shall be paid to wind protection when setting up promotional tents outdoors. When multiple tents are connected, the tent supports shall be bound together with ropes to avoid strong wind blowing down. Do not bind them with sealing tape to avoid the failure of normal expansion and closing of the supports. When using a single folding tent, the tent shall be lowered to a lower section before personnel leave. In case of strong wind, heavy objects such as sandbags shall be bound at the four corners of the tent to fix the folding tent to avoid being blown down by strong wind.

  3. The advertising tent needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid mildew caused by the accumulation of long-term dust or dirty water due to the long-term exposure of the tent cloth.

  In short, in the process of using advertising tents, we should pay attention to regular protection, so as to ensure the use degree of advertising tents. Only by understanding the correct methods to use and protect, can advertising tents be old and new and extend their service life.

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