Solar umbrella manufacturer:The right way to choose a solar umbrella

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  The right way to choose a solar umbrella

  Sunshade is also called sun umbrella, which is mainly used to block the direct sunlight. About how to correctly use the sunshade and some methods and skills of using the sunshade, Jisheng Shenzhen umbrella summarized seven methods:

  1. Choose a larger umbrella surface. Because the fabric has the characteristics of shrinkage, when buying a sunshade, the umbrella surface should be large rather than small.

  2. The color of the fabric is related to the UV protection function. Under the same conditions, the darker the color, the better the anti UV function of the fabric. In contrast, the anti UV functions of black, navy blue, dark green, light blue, light pink and light yellow are better.

  3. Choose good products. Prevent the general umbrella from pretending to be an ultraviolet umbrella.

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  4. According to the fabric properties of the umbrella surface, the anti ultraviolet function is judged. Generally speaking, cotton, silk, nylon and viscose have poor UV protection function, while polyester is better. Generally used to make umbrellas, including polyester fabrics, colored Ding cloth, mackintosh cloth, etc. In addition, satin fabric is better for UV protection, followed by twill and plain, and the darker the color, the better.

  5. Look at the processing of umbrella surface. Whether the sun umbrella can prevent ultraviolet rays is not important to the fabric texture. The most important thing is what kind of skill the manufacturer has done to the fabric. Generally, cotton and hemp fabrics have the function of preventing ultraviolet rays, but the degree is not strong.

  7. Look at the fabric density. When selecting the umbrella surface, there are few fabrics and textiles, and the anti ultraviolet function of the umbrella is generally poor, so consumers buy it steadily.

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