Solar umbrella manufacturer:Can the sun umbrella and umbrella be used in common?

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  Can the sun umbrella and umbrella be used in common?

  Summer is a capricious season, sometimes the sun is shining and sometimes it rains cats and dogs. Many friends around us often have only one sun umbrella. Can the sun umbrella be used as an umbrella?

  To understand this problem, we must first understand what is an umbrella and what is a sun umbrella.

Solar umbrella manufacturer

  Umbrella is a tool for shielding rain and snow. It is generally made of oil paper, polyester, PG cloth, nylon, etc; The solar umbrella energy is mainly used to prevent direct sunlight. The main difference between the two lies in the fabric of the umbrella. Polyester fiber has strong UV resistance, because the benzene ring in its molecular structure can absorb UV.

  There are many opinions about whether the sun umbrella can be used as an umbrella, some say yes, some say no. It's OK, mainly because the solar umbrella is used as an umbrella and won't leak rain, but it can't. It feels that the solar umbrella has been specially treated, and the molecular structure inside will be damaged after being caught in the rain, resulting in the damage of the solar umbrella. In fact, it's no problem to use the sun umbrella once or twice as an umbrella. After use, remember to dry the umbrella before you put it away. Don't let water molecules damage the paint. Remember, the sun umbrella cannot be used to block rain for a long time, which will reduce the "shading" function.

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